For all these reasons here, Blackjack remains one of the most popular casino games even worldwide. Live 21 is the same as web blackjack: the main goal is always to get to a hand with a point total that is as close as possible to 21 (but no more than 21!) To beat the dealer . Or maybe have the dealer hit a few more cards until his hand is over twenty-one.

This perennial “love” that casino players at KELAB711 still have for Blackjack has led the global community of Blackjack enthusiasts to create various strategies and training, different programs to win at Blackjack and even some efficient and easy to understand blackjack software. And it is there that one quickly begins to discover the secrets of online Blackjack, perhaps seeing some Blackjack Strategy or Card Tables to reach twenty-one in a safer and more planned way.

We at are players and we think like players. Our aim is simple as such – to discover the basic strategies for beating the dealer in Blackjack. We will therefore discover the double deck Blackjack table to learn how to win. And maybe be able to earn a higher margin against the new online casinos, even in the case of twenty-one with 6 or 8 decks.

Learn to play to win by the rules

The reality about the safest bet in Blackjack is only one: you have to know the game well and bet on yourself. Little or no changes in aspects such as the number of decks or particular coefficients announced by the casinos – each hand is played following the basic strategy of blackjack. The variant of the game in terms of basic Blackjack rules also changes little.

Another constant remains even for the less experienced – everyone plays with the aim of winning. Often and happy to earn real money and not a fun bonus or various gifts . So, let’s improve your game and then let’s see if it was worth it to study some Blackjack system compared to those who prefer to play and bet instinctively.

Where to start?

To make sure you don’t run into bad strategies, start by not acting greedily, being careful about your decisions (and not blaming the deck or the dealer) and maybe in the long run you can take away more than a few satisfaction. Learn and “work” hard to avoid the typical Blackjack mistakes that we present in our detailed guide and you can win more games safely and comfortably.

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