This principle of online and terrestrial Burraco goes beyond any valid strategy but we put it on top because it always remains useful to win your games. The good conduct of the game session requires an alert approach ready to react to changes in the face, always following the logic of anticipating the moves of others .

Avoiding discarding cards that are useful to your opponents or that could be useful to you a few rounds later is a good example of this. Counting the cards or at least keeping an eye on the ones that are open on the table is a cornerstone of the winning game in buraco. It is also anticipating and understanding the strategies of the opponents to be able to apply the counter-moves (read more on this topic also below).

Victory would never come with simple luck and bad luck can never stop you by itself if you plan your moves based on the layout of the cards of the moment and on all the collateral information that you can gather on the table. The flexibility in the management of these situations largely corresponds to a statistically greater chance of winning.

The n + 1 rule

Officially defined as a closing strategy, this tactic is to be employed when you play with a partner and that partner has only one card to play.

The Counter-Game Strategy

As the name suggests, this very famous strategy is based on bringing down combinations and sequences that are similar (or even identical) to those set by opponents. Simple to follow and effective as a game system, this approach blocks the extension of the scales of the other players, also considering that the cards are limited and we know them more and more as the game progresses.

The Change of the Card

This strategy should be used when both you and your partner have few cards in hand. You do not have the burraco ready yet you are close to closing. What to do? By collecting the Discard and leaving the opponent only one card (our last), we force him to challenge us with few possibilities of maneuver.

Compression of the opponent

A strategy suitable more for experienced players given the often complicated implementation. Difficult to maintain during the game, you have to try to collect both wells leaving the opponent with only the heel and even less possibility of maneuver. This of course leaves us many cards and many doubts in hand but those who are comfortable with the burraco cards could develop an excellent victory.

The waste of the useful card

This closing strategy may seem counterintuitive and instead it is very useful to slow down the game of the competitors in the key moment of your closing. The scheme is applied when the opponents draw from the heel in order to make burraco and / or close. After you have accumulated so many cards on the discard pile, it is time to get rid of the card they need. They would do Burraco but without being able to close due to the large number of cards they will have in hand.

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