There are many trump game systems that are also valid when playing online. For example, a tip that is always useful is to try to remember past cards. With a standard deck of 40 cards we could easily deduce the remaining ones and make assumptions about the cards in the hand of the opponents, also according to their responses to each spin.

Another “clever” trick but still not practiced would be to purposely lose the penultimate hand. Given the importance of the final cards and their likely high score, so you have a chance to sink with more resources and the right timing.

And since you cannot make signs and mottos with your virtual companions, being faithful to your own strategy is more important and sensible …

In addition, let’s consider the timing of our chosen tactic. Even if the collection of points passes from the most loaded and contested hands, the choice to throw one’s trumps and loads at the beginning and quickly is not always the wisest and most appropriate. It really depends on the game but the right time to maximize your win may be later. And since you can’t make signs and mottos with your virtual companions, being faithful to your own strategy is more important and sensible than accumulating points at any cost.

Card Counting in Briscola

We have already mentioned card counting . Not only is this a legitimate thing, but it is often crucial in the management of the online trump game. Especially from the full privacy of our home (or perhaps in the office) where we could mark our cards and trumps in many ways. The important thing would be to take into account:

  • The trumps played
  • The total sum of the points.

A good preparation for the winning strategy cannot ignore these two fundamental aspects. And after an initial learning phase, perhaps with the help of the many free online trump platforms, one must also increase the speed of execution and card counting.

Following the trumps helps to understand how many and which cards are still around towards the end of the game, while the total score helps to define the best approach to play at that moment. When the opponents have a lot of high-scoring cards in their hands, they can be taken with the right moves or perhaps they have no chance of overcoming the points they need with a timely attack in previous hands.

Plan with counting

To plan your moves – and prevent those of other players – you always start by taking into account what has come out. But it is also useful to understand the strategy of others. How opponents lay the most significant cards could and should reveal their game system. On the other hand, when playing with virtual avatars but against real people behind it, it is always advisable to plan your strategy but mask it or otherwise try not to let it filter in some way. The second point above – the total score to keep an eye on – is what defines the ultimate goal and which can be pursued through the right thrusts or timings.

Play four online

Little changes in online trump game winning strategies compared to physical and terrestrial play if you play four. Of course, there are no ways to leak some cards or moves, you can’t make signs. But during the hands the support to the partner must not fail, as well as the attention to load the hands taken by the team with points. However, even by using (short-term) memory and reasoning we could decrease certain risk margins due to factors we do not know at each stage of the game.

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