Reading around the most famous Baccarat betting systems, one immediately gets the idea that many of them mirror the general betting strategies valid for the sgd live casino online and land-based gambling world. The various Labouchere and Martingale, for example, are also applied here by some players who claim they are infallible betting systems Baccarat and in general in the casino field.

Be careful though: mathematical proofs and statistical proofs are mostly theories, albeit valid. This does not mean that all of this would repeat itself in real life or in our online casino experience.


There are however some betting systems more suited to Baccarat in particular, or at least we find them more practiced among the more experienced players in online casinos.

Perhaps the most illustrious example is the so-called 1-3-2-6 , considered advisable to minimize risks and optimize winnings . The 1-3-2-6 applies in the case of a winning streak: by betting 1 unit (€ 1, just to facilitate our accounts), we win € 1. To the total € 2 you add € 1 more and you bet € 3. In the case of continuation of the streak, we already have € 6, from which we take away € 4 and bet € 2 .

Finally, to complete the cycle, if you have another win, we would have € 4 from the last session to which we add another € 2 from the € 4 already saved. You end up betting € 6, with the concrete possibility of earning another € 6 – or € 8 net total.

What if you lose?

Proper execution of this Baccarat betting system requires you to stop after the first loss and return to the beginning of the cycle, betting € 1 again. This is always done, even in the case of 4 wins in a row, by completing the 1-3-2-6. With this system you risk losing 1 unit after the first bet, 2 units (total) after the second and a positive balance of 2 net units after the third bet, even if it is a loser. While the fourth bet or returns to a tie, or even earn 12 units net.

So, in theory, if you lose, you lose little, if you win, you do it regularly and well. This approach meets the unwritten rule of professional casino players: taking moderate risks makes sense if it falls within the perspective of winning well and with good odds. And we know that in Baccarat the odds are close to 50%.

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